3 Signs You Should Invest in a New Service Desk

Service Desk

Establishing a new IT service desk can be an intimidating process, but new technology delivery models and sophisticated service desk architectures are coming together to make this process much easier. Cloud-based service desk solutions are easing deployment and leading vendors that are emphasizing flexibility and scalability are letting organizations purchase the solution they need for the moment and gradually upgrade based on future needs. With these opportunities to ease service desk investment, it's important to understand when it is time to move on to a new solution.

There are a few ways to identify when you need a new service desk, but three key signs are:

5 Key Elements of a Service Catalog

Service Catalog

Establishing a service catalog helps organizations take control of solution delivery within an organization. The solution is becoming more important as the consumerization of IT trend takes hold in the enterprise. While the benefits of building a service catalog are fairly clear - IT teams give employees consumer-like access to technology services that are vetted by the organization, creating a perfect balance of control and convenience. While this potential is evident, the best way to actually deploy a service catalog isn't always as apparent. 

Focusing on these five key elements of a service catalog can provide vital insight into how you can build an effective system and integrate it into broader IT service management strategies.

3 Ways ITSM Investments Create IT Transparency


Visibility is increasingly important in IT departments as more organizations are impacted by strict regulatory guidelines and need to find ways to optimize the way IT and business units interact. This is especially evident as technologies like cloud computing have gained prominence. With the cloud, managed hosting solutions and other methods of IT outsourcing, many organizations are adopting a hybrid IT strategy in which only core systems remain part of the internal configuration while those solutions are integrated with various third-party services to make a complete technology setup. These hybrid IT environments put more pressure on technology teams to provide strategic oversight, and visibility is critical in this area.

Organizations that want to promote visibility benefit substantially from strategic IT service management investments. A good service desk is only the first component of aligning IT and business functionality. Expanding upon the service desk with ITSM features like CMDB systems and business intelligence platforms can go a long way toward promoting greater visibility. 

ITSM Solutions Can Help CIOs and CFOs Get on the Same Page


CIOs and CFOs are often positioned as opposing forces within organizations, but establishing efficient IT service management practices can help bridge the gap between technology and business leaders. A recent InformationWeek report authored by a CIO in the higher education sector explained that the traditional view of CIOs and CFOs as opposing forces is beginning to disappear as technology and business alignment becomes more important. Along the way, organizations often find themselves in a position in which they need to maximize the value of their IT investments.

Companies Investing in Internal Help Desks

help desk

IT outsourcing is down compared to 2013 and much of the change comes as companies work to invest in internal help desk systems as part of broad IT service management investments. According to a recent eWeek report, a Computer Economics study found that the percentage of IT budgets being devoted to outsourcing has been 10.2 in 2014. This is a slight decline from 10.6 percent last year. In 2012, IT teams were spending 11.9 percent of their budget on outsourcing. The decline comes largely because organizations are working to take more control over their help desk, application maintenance and desktop support operations.

3 Ways That Change and Compliance Are Closely Aligned

Change management

Keeping data safe isn't just about protecting corporate assets and ensuring a brand's reputation remains strong in the eyes of consumers. Businesses that lose data face strict consequences from regulatory bodies that work to ensure common data protection standards are maintained within an industry. For example, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards establish a framework for ensuring that companies that process and store consumer payment card data are equipped to handle that information safely. These regulatory groups aim is to protect consumers and businesses alike, and their primary method for enforcing rules is fining organizations that experience a regulatory breach.

4 Quick Tips About IT Service Management


Investing in IT service management tools to improve solution delivery and operational efficiency is becoming increasingly popular as companies become more dependent on IT. Trends like the consumerization of IT, cloud computing and big data are all putting more pressure on technology workers to take ownership of strategy and revenue creation through effective technology spending. Creating value for business users is a major component of meeting new demands on IT, and service management tools create a return on investment by ensuring technology issues do not get in the way of workers getting the job done.

ITSM is becoming more important all the time, and these tips will help you get any service management plan off on the right foot:

3 Ways the Service Desk Can Drive Efficiency for Government Agencies

Service desk, Government

Government organizations are facing mounting pressure to operate more efficiently while becoming more dependent on IT solutions. The result is a situation in which the IT service desk is more important than ever in government. Eliminating waste is a central component of this movement, as removing paper-based process in favor of IT solutions enables government agencies to get rid of wasteful processes and serve the public with greater ease. 

Three service desk modules are particularly noteworthy in how they help government agencies improve efficiency: