Throwback Thursday: The Healthcare Edition

Earlier this week, my blog post was on improving Electronic Medical Record (EMR) support through IT process improvement including implementation of a CMDB.

So this week’s Throwback Thursday is focused on some of our previous healthcare industry posts.

The 5 ITSM Qualities to Becoming a Great Service Desk

Improving the quality, reliability and efficiency of your Service Desk dramatically increases your team’s value to the organization. And in these times of tight budgets it is a great way to contribute to the company’s bottom line.

So, have you considered an ITSM solution? Here are 5 key “must have” qualities for choosing the RIGHT solution:

3 Steps to Improved EMR Support

Are you ready to support Electronic Medical Record (EMR) processes? The answer usually ranges from sort of to not at all.  A Configuration Management Database (CMDB) can help. 

Implementing an EMR into your health information system adds complexity to the management of the entire  IT environment including your critical systems. Numerous changes are required from the data center to the desktop, so organizations must have the processes in place to be able to quickly adapt. In a 7 x 24 environment, IT controls must be in place to protect against unplanned and unauthorized change and insure high availability of systems.  There are three steps that every organization should be taking to improve support of EMR:

5 Steps to Integrate ITIL into Agile Process

Can ITIL and Agile coexist? I believe that the answer is an overwhelming YES! From an ITIL perspective, the move to increased development agility creates an even greater need for a well-defined framework and set of governance in place. This integration helps to ensure a superior level of quality across the entire infrastructure of development.  

iCloud Hack, Are You Exposed?

Last Friday, hackers accessed the Apple iCloud account of Wired writer Mat Honan. After gaining access to his iCloud account, the hackers gained access to much of his digital life, including his Gmail, and Twitter accounts.  The hackers destroyed all data from Honan's iPhone, iPad and  hisMacBook Pro. On his Twitter account they posted racist and homophobic messages.

"In the space of one hour, my entire digital life was destroyed," Honan said in a Wired article.

Huge Losses Due to Faulty Software

Knight Capital still in the news:

“This is really a wake-up call,” David Whitcomb, founder of Automated Trading Desk LLC, a Knight rival bought by Citigroup Inc. for $680 million in 2007, said in a telephone interview. “They made one obviously terrible mistake in bringing online a new program that they evidently didn’t test properly and that evidently blew up in their face.”